The Ethos of GLOW



Each individual creates the GLOW community. What you bring in – spiritually, physically and emotionally – forms the fabric of what GLOW is all about. Entering the site with a positive mindset and a willingness to try new things will ensure that you enjoy all that’s on offer during this very special gathering.


Get involved, embrace the idea of communal living and be open to sharing your GLOW journey with everyone else on site. Standard GLOW Fest passes are offered at a reduced price including 1 x 4-hour volunteer shift, so this event is more affordable for everyone. Plus, you can use this opportunity to meet new people and be an important part of the GLOW story (option available for anyone wanting to forgo the volunteer shift – see ticketing page for more details).


This means respect for yourself, each other, the arts, the crew, the event and the land. Treat others as you want and deserve to be treated.


With respect comes consent. Remember to respect other people’s boundaries and experiences, as well as your own. Exercise the habit of asking first before touching, embracing or heavily conversing with your GLOW friends. Understand that everyone has the right to say no.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

As part of GLOW’s commitment to sustainability, we ask everyone to consider what they’re bringing on to site and what they’re taking away with them. Avoiding single-use plastic, using recycled materials/equipment and disposing of rubbish in the correct bins will mean we are reducing our carbon footprint and taking care of the beautiful site.

Did you know ?


2021 was the first year for GLOW Fest and was the first event of its kind – bringing together a comprehensive skill-sharing program with Burner arts culture – in Australia.


More than 100 workshops were presented over 3 jam-packed days of programming, teaching skills including aerials, flow arts, ground-based circus skills and professional development.


Waves Campground is proud to have less than 3% carbon emissions, thanks to a dedicated process for on-site rubbish management. GLOW Fest joins in its commitment to sustainability.